Fat-free API Markeplace.

Turn your API into SaaS with ultimate analytics.

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APIRoad is currently operating in a public beta stage.

How It Works


Turns APIs into SaaS.

List your API product on the APIRoad catalog using OpenAPI spec. Design your recurring subscription plans in UI.


Handles the heavy lifting.

APIRoad reverse proxy server stands in front of your API, and ensures payments & usage analytics work seamlessly — like magic.


Amazes your customers.

Your customers explore API docs & subscribe, getting billing, auto-alerts on usage, and great logs observability. Stripe ensures low decline rate.

ApiRoad Features

For App developers:

API Marketplace

APIs can be discovered and explored in APIRoad catalog. Fast and smooth onboarding experience from discovery to integration.

Quick Peek

API explorer with code generators for all popular languages. Easily generate Javascript, Python, cURL code for any API endpoint.


View & track your usage and explore your app API request/response logs in a slick and responsive UI.

For API developers:

Quick Start

You don't need a company to become a vendor on APIRoad. Get your API payouts without breaking a sweat.

Ultimate Analytics

Get great observability of requests and responses with wicked fast real-time analytics for all your APIs, making debugging any issues a breeze. Our analytics are based on a column-based DBMS cluster tech (APIRoad ♥ Clickhouse ), with first-class support of good old SQL, exposed to API developers via filter widgets.

Documentation Generator

Just upload your OpenAPI spec file, and APIRoad will take care of the rest.

Plans, Customer Authentication, Billing and Rate Limiting

Our dev portal interface is ready for mobile use! Out of the box, your API just needs to do its work. We offer plans, customer authentication, billing, and rate limiting features.

Transparent Pricing.

App Developers fees

API consumers only pay for the plan they choose, the plan cost set by the API vendor.

API Authors (Vendors) fees

Avg MRR for 3 trailing months Processing fee Monthly fee
up to 3000 USD/mo 20% free
after 3000 USD/mo 15% free


We build and sell API access to customers all over the world, been doing it for some time, we also pay for many APIs ourselves, so we know a thing or two about how State of Art API Marketplaces look like in 2023. And you know what? API Marketplaces look a bit outdated, enterprisy, and dusty.

We know the real pain since we are both API authors & consumers, and eating our own dogfood motivates us to do our best and focus on implementing crucial things.

APIRoad has a small team of developers and is an early stage startup. We can't compete with big players in terms of bells&whistles, but we managed to launch a product which is already immensely useful for us. Hopefully, it will be useful for you, too.

Fat Free

Since our developer man-hours are limited and we adore KISS, we make compromises and cut corners in the features we don't absolutely need.

Here is what APIRoad does not have, and does not plan to get (in the near future):

  • No complex authentication strategies. Simple revokable API tokens are good for 90% of cases so we'll try to stick to it.
  • No GraphQL. We enjoy REST though it's definitely not perfect (and too loose at times). Focusing on REST endpoints allows us to provide good analytics experience.
  • No proprietary API web builder. OpenAPI v3 is good enough for most cases, and we enforce this standard. It does not mean API developers have to suffer so we are going to launch a nice web-based OpenAPI v3 builder (soon).

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APIRoad is currently operating in a public beta stage.
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